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02 Nov

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20 Mar

Why Domain Emails are Important By:

Is your business still using a gmail, yahoo, or other public email service to communicate with your customers? If so, you're missing out on an opportunity to present your business in a professional, organized manner.

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24 Feb

12 Feb

30 Jan

Password Management Made Easy By:

Have you ever forgotten a password for an account you don’t use very often? Are all your passwords the same? If either of these are true, then this post is for you. 

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20 Jan

Getting started with your e-commerce site By:

There is no doubt that a ton of business is done online these days. If you haven't made some sort of online purchase, you're definitely in the minority. Thus, a logical next step for many businesses is to take it online, and make your product or service available on the web.  

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08 Jan

Content Really IS King By: Jim Marshall

The first step in marketing yourself digitally always needs to begin with content and a strategic message. What makes you different from every other organization? In today's digital world, most people are not willing to spend the time to discover this. What consumers really want is the ability to watch short videos to see and hear your story. Every organization is unique, but through video you can portray who you are, what makes your business unique, and why someone should use your brand's product or service. 

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26 Dec

LESS is More By: Adam Ladrach

As the Lead Developer, it is my goal to continuously increase the efficiency of our development team, while increasing the quality of the finished product. I spend an hour of each day researching new trends and technologies for design and development, and the biggest improvement we’ve made lately is our switch to LESS over traditional CSS. 

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19 Dec

Purpose Driven Design By:

Here at Bluefoot, our approach to design starts with our clients. Before anything else we sit down with our clients, and using a Design Brief, (that has been tailored through experience) we collect as much information about the goals, values, and history of their company or business as possible. 

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