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Good Photos Matter By: on Thursday, October 01, 2015

These days, there are photos everywhere. With the dawn of smart phones and social media, photos seem to be everywhere. Whether it's your friend that constantly shares photos of their kids, or the your friend that bought a nice camera and now wants to become a photographer, everyone is taking and sharing photos. However, not all photos are created equal. 

While sharing a blurry, washed out photo of your dog is fine on Facebook, many businesses have realized the importance of taking good photos of their products, their storefront, and employees. So why are good photos important?

Marketing is all about forming a good, accurate impression of your brand. You want your brand to be pleasing to those viewing your content, so it's important to make sure that the content your looking at is pleasing to the eye. Have you ever lingered on a beautiful photo because it's just nice to look at? 

If you have, the photographer probably used some basic rules to make sure that you wanted to look at that photo- using good composition, putting the subject in focus, using the right exposure so it's easy to see what the subject is. Conversely, if you've seen club photos on Facebook where everything is blurry, the flash washes out the person in the photo, and everyone looks like they have demon eyes, you probably scrolled past it pretty quickly. 

This is because our brains like nice photos, and receive good impressions of photos that are pleasing to the eye. Therefore, making sure that the photos of your brand, product, or service are pleasing to the eye is essential to building an overall positive image of your brand.  

For example, look at the two images below.


They're both of the same little jug, but which photo is easier to look at? The first photo is washed out, and there are several things in the photo that could be distracting from the jug. If you were selling this jug, the second photo would not only be easier for a potential customer to look at, but it would also better show the details, color and other properties of the jug. Both of these photos were taken with a simple iPhone, but just changing the angle and composition helped drastically. 

So what do the photos of your business look like? Do they exude the quality you hope to convey to your customers, or do they come up short? 

If you would like some quality photos of your business, contact us today to see what we can do for you!   


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