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Why we use DSLR cameras By: on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why DSLRs?

So, when we go out on a film shoot, we are often asked: “Are you taking photos?”

Traditionally, DSLR cameras have been used just for photography, but over the past 10 years, video has become more than just a feature on the these cameras. Because of this, videographers can now access features once only seen on higher end video cameras.

One thing that I love about DSLR cameras is something called “rack focus”. This is when focus is brought form the foreground to the background or vise-versa. Here is an example of the technique:

As you can tell, using the rack focus really help guide your eye on the screen. This is done with a ring around the lens of DSLRs, something not found on iPhones. Using techniques like this make any video more interesting, allowing the viewer to see environments and scenes at a new angle.

There are many techniques used in videography, but all the new techniques and technologies should have the same goal in mind, telling your story better.


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