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Password Management Made Easy By: on Friday, January 30, 2015

Have you ever forgotten a password for an account you don’t use very often? Are all your passwords the same? If either of these are true, then this post is for you.

Everyone reading this probably has accounts on multiple websites. These websites often require very strict password credentials, and that can make remembering your passwords difficult. Many users will use one password for all of these sites, and that’s definitely not the safest solution. Passwords are meant to be secure and unique, but when using only one password it nearly defeats the purpose.

One thing I will always recommend is a password manager. These systems are used to create UNIQUE, SECURE, and private passwords that no one will be able break. With a password manager you’ll only need to remember one master password.

The password manager I use, and recommend, is Lastpass. It’s simple, free, and secure. Lastpass is also very convenient, with a mobile app, and browser extensions, you can have it everywhere. Once you have a password manager all you’ll need to do is create one master password.

Creating a strong master password is key in the journey to having a secure online password manager. When creating your password try to avoid using your first and last name, and be sure to exclude common phrases such as, password, 123456, qwerty, football, etc. One method to having a secure master password is to write an acronym from an easy-to-remember piece of information. For example, pick a phrase that is meaningful to you, such as My birthday is March 20th, 1995. Turning this into an acronym is simple it would be MbiM20/95.

Once you have your master password set you can create an account on Lastpass and get started making your life a little easier.

If you would like to learn other useful methods for creating a master password please comment below.


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